Fascinating I'm sure.

well... I'm sure you are all waiting with baited breath for an update from the land of sick people... so here it goes.

1. I'm still sick. Really sick.

2. Olivia is still sick. And screaming. And sleeping horribly.

3. Owen is still sick. But at least he isn't still throwing up like he did several times in the night.

4. Aiden is getting better but is still coughing an awful lot.

5. Doug has the sniffles. He says he doesn't but he does.

6. My mom is sick.

7. I cleaned a lot of the house (I really did!) but it is messy again.

8. I am thinking all of us... other than my pastor husband... will be staying home from church tomorrow.

Fabulous isn't it?


the Doug said…
My nose was just itchy.
That's right,think positive Doug!
Oh, Tara, I just hurt every time you and your family are down. It seems like you barely pull out before you're hit again! I'm sure yours is from exhaustion, and the kids,well-- they're kids. kids get sick and when you have more than one, there's never a break. I wish I could come relieve you so you could rest. Could some church people come over and lift your burden a bit? You should ask-- it gives them the blessings of serving and prevents you from being prideful (no, really, I can do this myself) bonus for everybody. You're in my prayers. *hugs*

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