Bugs are not my friend

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You know how you can be going along in your day and things are going relatively well and then all of a sudden something happens that just ticks you off? Well... I found a bug in our no name macaroni and cheese tonight. It is Owen's most favourite meal and since he got to choose that is OF COURSE what he picked. I opened it up. Dumped it in the pot. And there, before my very eyes was a dead bug swimming in the pot.


I hate bugs. And bugs in my food just makes me seriously unimpressed. It reminds me of when I was a teenager and I travelled with Teen Missions to Kathmandu, Nepal for a summer. We ate a lot of rice. But before we could eat it we had to strain the bugs out of it. Seriously. It was horribly unappetizing.

Anyway, I tried to convince Owen to have something else for supper. Keep in mind that I had promised him that he could choose. Have you ever tried to reason with a stubborn 4 year old? He was not going to budge. He really wanted kraft dinner.

In the meantime the boys have woken Olivia up and she is crying.

So my husband digs out another box of kraft dinner and I don't look as he dumps it in the pot.

No bugs.

Husband heads off to work for the evening.

I dish out the kraft dinner.

Owen dumps his bowl accidently all over my clean kitchen floor which I had just cleaned on my hands and knees.

Olivia thinks that is hilarious so she throws her bowl all over the floor just as I finish cleaning up the first mess.

I clean up Olivia's mess.

I refill Owen's bowl and he tells me he's not hungry anymore.


He pats his belly and says "nope, I'm super full!".

Good thing there is most of a pot of kraft dinner that I will NEVER eat again. Icky.

After I finish cleaning up the mess I turn around and see this...

If you don't know about my daughter's fascination with cat food you can read about it here and here.

Again... icky.

I really can't wait until bed time.


Eew. That IS gross.

My sister is a vet. When I had #1, I asked about the cat food eating thing, she told me there was nothing in cat food to make a person sick and not to worry about it.

Doesn't mean they should eat it, though. Just that you shouldn't freak that it'll kill her.

(btw, you won my drawing for St. Barts Breakdown! I'll e-mail you in a second. Congratulations!)
ChristiS said…
Oh, man, Tara...I hope that you got to got bed soon after this! Are you going to write the company of the dinner about the bug?? Ewwwwww! Now I'm not sure *I* want to eat it anymore either! LOL
Alyson said…
Hi Tara. Thanks for visiting my site. Just so you know...If I ran a marathon TODAY...I too would drop dead. That is why I have 9 months to train ;)

Sask eh? We are snowed in here in Ontario as well.

You should check out ValleyGirl. Her blog is in the list as well. She is from Manitoba. Her and I have become good blogging buddies. I'm sure she would appreciate hearing from another fellow canadian.

Have a great day,
Amanda said…
If it doesn't rain, it poors.

While very gross and disgustion and completely exasperating...sooooo funny. Made me laugh.

Will you ever eat Kraft Dinner again? It would take me a very long time.

Oh, and that's my boys' favorite too. That and Tomato soup.
Qtpies7 said…
You should probably read my post something smells fishy around here. We can commiserate together. Seriously. My Sam prefers cat food to anything else. Except cat liter with crusted turds in it.
Melanie said…
"nope, I'm super full." That is hilarious!!
PamperingBeki said…

I've had so many days like this myself. Moms deserve an award.
Gloria said…
That would traumatize me so much I would never be able to eat it again! I hope you are having a better day today :)
Laura said…
Read the last line of your post and just started laughing. Still laughing. :D

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