Wake up daddy

As I have mentioned before it has taken a rather long time for my household to get over the nightmare flu-like sickness that ravaged each of us individually and destroyed all sense of sanity as a household. My husband was hit rather hard and is still trying to recover. So he thought he would take a nap.

My sons did NOT think this was a good idea.

"Wake up daddy!" says Owen...We had a "jammy" day yesterday. We all stayed in our jammies ALL DAY LONG. It was lovely. Owen is wearing his very cool cowboy jammies that his grandma Ann made him for Christmas. And for some reason he thinks that he needs to sit 6 inches from the TV in order to truly watch it. He will even pull up a stool to the TV stand and sit with his face WAY too close to the screen. When Olivia wants to get his attention she simply steals his juice cup away from him. Smart girl.
She is most annoyed that she can't figure out how to OPEN the cup. After a few minutes of valiantly trying to sip through a closed straw she will bring it over to me and thrust it in my face with a "uh uh uh uh uh" sort of sound until I open it for her.
Aiden thinks that Olivia is very funny. And when she laughs it makes him want to make her laugh more. And more. And more.
And yes, his hair is rather long. Technically I ADORE his beautiful blond curly hair and I wouldn't care if he EVER cut it... but the reality is that both of my sons put up such a HUGE fuss everytime we try to cut their hair that I put it off for as long as possible. They both insist that it hurts to get their hair cut. They insist this rather loudly and with much tears.
And here is all you will see of me on jammy day... my feet.


Amanda said…
I love pajama days. We have them every once in a while too!

My boys too hate having their hair cut. Actually, Willem's gotten to be okay with it now (but then, he's quite vain and always wants to look good). Nate on the other hand...we skipped cutting his hair this time around. I'm thinking it will get quite long before we bring the clippers near it again.
Vader's Mom said…
I love PJ day. That's what we do on Christmas Day around here. We don't go anywhere and enjoy the day.
Geegee said…
We have had our share of PJ days lately as well. We have had that awful flu...still have it...all three of us. When will it ever go away?? And why did we bother carting ourselves around the city a few months ago to get a flu shot?? This is the worst flu we've ever had!kbek
Dee said…
wow atleast you have nice feet....!
Dee said…
oops and beautiful children! :)

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