Thursday Thirteen- Thirteen reasons why I love my husband

Thirteen Things about My Husband

1. He loves me and he tells me and shows me daily.

2. He still thinks I'm beautiful even though I weigh 50 pounds more today than I did on the day he married me.

3. He is a wonderful dad to our three kids.

4. He is compassionate and wants to help people in need.

5. He protects and defends me when I am being judged or attacked.

6. He knows my weaknesses and loves me anyway.

7. He loves Jesus and tries to serve Him.

8. He helps me keep our house together and picks up the slack when I am feeling crappy.

9. He understands my issues with depression and supports me through it.

10. He accepts people as they are.

11. He loves our kids and plays with our kids and our kids KNOW he loves them.

12. He values and loves his family and keeps in touch with his parents and brothers even though we live very far away.

13. He is good to my mom.

I love you Douglas.

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the Doug said…
You're not so bad either.
Vader's Mom said…
What a wonderful loving list!
Lynne said…
That was so sweet! It's obvious you two adore each other. :-D
He sounds wonderful!

Thank you for entering my jewelry giveaway!

Sweet Mummy said…
AWWW, that was wonderful. Aren't great husbands such awesome blessings?!

I'm visiting from Entrecard (thanks for 'dropping' by my blog)!

Hy - I'm an imperfect pastor's wife, too! Great to meet you!

(My blogs aren't listed in my profile - that's a long story - but here are my links: It's OK to be WEIRD! and Ain't That Sweet.)
Mee mOe said…
Thats great, its good to keep that relationship going the way that you both have because a lot of marriages end up dead after raising their children. I was divorced after 13 years. Number one thing is that you get the kids, car, and house and remember that he only gets the secretary...;)

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