Sugar high

Last night Olivia decided to interrupt any *ahem* plans my husband and I might have had for Valentine's day. She was up really late. I mean really really late. But that's ok, she was very sweet and a wonderful person to share our Valentine's day with. She is learning the fine art of drinking from a drinkin' box...
She and daddy both got a rather large amount of apple juice all over their persons. But they had a nice time together anyway.

This morning Olivia had me all to herself because both of the boys were in school. She loves this little chair that she has and she is obsessed with books. I read a LOT of books to her. It is likely genetic though since I adore reading.
My mom gave me a black purse for Christmas and Olivia has completely taken it over. She loves it. And this is how she wears it...
Shadow the cat wanted to play too...

Once the boys were both home from school they dumped all of their Valentine's day loot on Aiden's bed and had a candy feast.I honestly wish candy didn't exist sometimes.
Now the boys are quite literally bouncing off the walls from the sugar high. So thanks so much to all the parents who gave my sons candy. May this blessing return to you seven-fold.



I miss Valentine's Day school stuff! We don't do it over here :-(
Tara, your blog is getting so posh! You even have a Mr. Linky. I couldn't get Mr. Linky to work the time I went out to get the code.
I'm glad everyone is well and out again!
Amanda said…
I was shocked yesterday when Willem came home with Valentine's candy. We just did little paper Valentine's. Aparently I'm not in the know.

Luckily, he shared with Nate and we only have some suckers left. As if we didn't have enough sweets already between stuff from Grandparents and the cookies I baked and Finny's birthday. Sigh.

I let my kids eat too much sugar. Oh well, they're happy...and still (knock on wood) have all their teeth.

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