My kids played really well together today... ALL 3 of them! It was a nice switch from the constant bickering that my sons seem to prefer.

Aiden made a spectacular Lego spaceship... he makes a lot of them and I really think his imagination is incredible.
Owen was so proud of the outfit he chose for himself today. He showed me the zipper on his sweater about 20 times.
Olivia adores her brothers. She watches them all day long and follows them around when they let her!
She kept copying Owen this afternoon. She would sit like him, stand the same place as him, climb the furniture like him... but every time she managed to get her position just like him he would move. Of course. But it was cute to watch.
Owen made some faces to try and make her laugh. Both boys seem to try and make Olivia laugh as much as possible.
Aiden especially tries hard to make Olivia laugh. I heard him calling her "little princess" today and that made me smile. This video is of Aiden and Olivia laughing with each other. So cute.


Judy said…
LOVE the video!

Made me laugh, too.
mommyknows said…
Awww .. so sweet. My 2 year old watched it several times. She wanted to know 'what's hers names and where hers is?'

Jenn Phipps said…
Your kids have the most beautiful eyes!
love the video! I couldn't help but think back to the mean comment you got during sick kid's month and wish the critic could see what I see-- these are happy, obviously loved children who feel safe in their world. Well done!
Anonymous said…
So precious. Thanks for taking the time to share so much of this magical and demaning time.
Jinny and Colin said…
They are so cute! And their laughter is contagious. :)

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