I must tell you all that TV is really letting me down these days.

I watched an old re-run of Gilmore Girls the other day and it almost made me cry (pathetic I know). I really miss that show!

And I haven't seen a new episode of House or CSI in ages. Perhaps that is just because my daughter interrupts all my attempts at TV time but I honestly haven't been able to find any of my shows on lately! No ER. No Gray's Anatomy. I am not enjoying American Idol... the auditions were funny but after that it's just not capturing my attention.

It's just not fair.

I mean it's not like I go to movies, or to the theatre, or symphony, or ANYTHING that would require me to look half decent. Our theatre in town plays one movie and it smells like mold and rotting junk food. It isn't even a cheap theatre. And we have no decent rental places either. There is one dvd rental place and it has a dreadful selection and high prices.

Our town's restaurant's are just plain icky. I mean really gross.

The closest thing to the symphony is watching the lady who plays violin at church on Sunday.

But I guess small town life-drama could pass for some sort of theatrical event. In a sad, lame kind of way. And there is plenty of people talking about other people if that entertains you and if you aren't bothered by ignoring the whole "don't gossip" aspect of Christianity.

And what is with the never ending winter! Even if I WANTED to go somewhere it would require driving for HOURS over ice encrusted tundra in sub-zero temperatures watching the riveting scenery of frozen fields zoom by on either side of our giant frozen van listening to the sounds of my bickering sons and unhappy daughter echoing in my ears. And then we would not only have to pay for the tickets to a cultural event of some kind(with our non-existent money) but we would have to spend half our pay cheque on gas to get to the closest city.

Tragic really.

And you think I'm exaggerating. I'm not.

This really is my life here.

On the up side I watched a very funny re-run of Just for Laughs and I have decided that comics are among my favourite people on the planet. Laughter really is good for the soul.

On Sunday a German film crew came to our church because they were filming a couple who has recently emigrated from Germany to our teensy weensy little town. I have no idea why they chose here but they did. So this film crew is making some sort of German reality show about them and followed them to church on Sunday. It caused quite the stir. So if you happen to be in Germany and you see my little town on your TV then you will know I am not making any of this up!

My son did really well at school today. He didn't run away and he got 8/10 happy faces for good behaviour. I am proud of him.

My mom is considering moving in to our house. We would have to make a space for her in our basement... which is presently the play room. But she would still use the kitchen and bathroom upstairs. She turns 65 on March 6th and is considering if she should keep working or not. It might not be worth it since she works at our local grocery store and doesn't make that much money anyway.

The reason for moving in would be financial. She is having a hard time making ends meet because the cost of living is rather high here, especially for seniors. And we are having trouble meeting ends meet too. So perhaps it would be better to combine.

None of us are sure this would be a good idea. We are praying about it. But honestly it might not really be an option for long. We might just have to do it.

Well... that is enough of my random musings for one night I think!


Katrin said…
This about the German film crew is funny. I'm from Germany and I used to watch that show all the time. So it's just funny how it comes full circle.
wow these are deep ramblings... and I am having an axiety attack at the thought of MY mother ever moving in...(get promoted hubby so we can afford rent on two places please).
Are you on PAL dvd system or NTSC (region 1 or 2?).
Maybe your film crew will post some You Tube footage for us to see you and your family at church! You'll be famous!
How's that for random comments?
Anvilcloud said…
Have you tried zip.ca for renting movies? I haven't, but it seems like a good plan.

I wish an early spring for you.

I came from Judy's blog. I don't normally click randomly on blogs but I saw your comment about the treatment of seniors, and I was curious.
Jenn Phipps said…
I hear you about the small town boredom! You are fortunate to have even the smelly moldy theater! We have resorted to borrowing (from friends) or buying TV series on DVD. It helps to pass the time, especially when my husband works nights, as is often the case.
Amanda said…
Awe Tara...the writer's strike in Hollywood is over...I think...and our shows will come back soon! I miss good and new TV too.

As for livin' with your mom...ya. We lived with my parents for 10 months 2 years ago and lived with my in-laws for 3 months near the beginning of our marriage. I hear ya and hope you get some clarity on the issue soon. It can be good...it can be bad.
Caroline said…
Thanks for the comment - you're my bff now:) TV is in a state isn't it? We love Monk and Psych, and their 'seasons' are so SHORT - already over 'til June *sign* We have a cinema with 6 whole movies at a time, and its cheap, so we're really lucky. We have several decent places to eat as well. Hope you get your entertainment problems straightened out. Hope things work out with your mom...seems like that could go either way. Her being in the basement might give you enough distance to give every one their own space...praying for you in that decision!
Judy said…
Oh, Tara.

I live close to TONS of entertainment.

But it's winter, and I choose to hybernate.

Lately, I've been watching "Fraiser" reruns.

We didn't watch TV much when our kids were small, so the reruns all seem new to me!

I have noticed that I often greet the mail carrier at the door, just so I can say hello to an adult during my day.

Tonight for entertainment my husband and I are going to a birthday party at the nursing home.

We know how to live!
Bebemiqui said…
I'll be praying about the possible mother move-in.
I hear you on the TV...no rental place, yikes!!
BTW, you can do NOTHING for a rib...ya just have to rest and do nothing.

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