Precious Art

My husband shared on his Flikr account that when he got up with my son this morning at 6am Aiden made some "cards" for me and the others in our household. Aiden loves art and he is just learning how to write words and I am so proud of him.

This is a card he made for Olivia...And here is the one he made for me- notice that it says "I love you forever" in his own handwriting? My heart just melts with this kid!
And here is a card Owen made for me yesterday- he even wrote "mom" all by himself after I told him the letters!
Precious moments people!


Qtpies7 said…
So sweet! Thanks for commenting. I am not worried about not having a job, I will miss the kids the most, and it hurts because she just did it for no reason when everything is working out so well. And we are friends too. It is going to strain things between us if I say anything.

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