Portraits of Exhaustion

Have you ever wondered what exhaustion looks like? Well here it is.
My night truly sucked. For some reason poor Owen had terrible nightmares. He dreamt that a dinosaur was in his room. He actually ran screaming down the hallway at 2 am. Olivia hasn't been sleeping particularly well because she is getting two more teeth right now. So I had her with me when Owen freaked out. I managed to get him calmed down enough to crawl into bed with me. Of course he had woken Olivia up by this time so I nursed her back to sleep on one side of me while twisted in a bizarre unnatural position to hug my son with one arm on the other side of me. Painful but necessary.
All the commotion woke up our kitty who was MOST annoyed that his spot on the bed had been usurped by the wailing children. So he got up and started to play with various bits of paper in the hallway. He has a thing with ripping up paper. I don't know why. And he is really loud about it. So I yelled at my still sleeping husband to DO SOMETHING with the darn cat because he was being so loud that Owen refused to fall back asleep.
My poor confused husband stumbled into the hallway to spray the cat with some water. He looked confused at all the kids in bed with me then fall back asleep. After another hour of trying to get Owen to go to sleep I again woke up my husband to make him take Owen back to his bed. It is now 4 am.

At 5 am Owen had another nightmare and we did the whole thing again except I gave up on ever getting back to sleep after about 20 minutes of misery. By 5:20 am Owen had managed to wake up the ENTIRE household. So we all stumbled bleary eyed to the living room and collapsed on various pieces of furniture. I turned on the most wonderful invention of our time - the television - and wondered what I would do without the electronic babysitter. I sent my husband back to bed... briefly... until Olivia realized she was still exhausted. I put her back to bed and fell asleep in the process. Doug feel asleep on the couch. Aiden and Owen watched TV. Luckily the cat woke me up just in time to take Owen to school. The freezing cold temperatures didn't even manage to fully wake me up.

I've now drank a full pot of very strong tea. Any minute now the caffeine will kick in and I'll feel like cleaning my house.
Ya. right.


Amanda said…
I don't know what I'd do without TV either. I got a little one for Christmas last year that we have in our room (for when Brian's working nights), but it works better for in the mornings when they wake up early, we turn on Treehouse and can even stay in bed.

I hope you have a better night tonight!
Qtpies7 said…
We went through insomnia with both of our oldest two kids. They went through a whole week of going to be on time, but then waking up about midnight and not sleeping again. We took turns sitting on the couch with them watching video after video. Kaytlin's video of choice was Dumbo, and she wouldn't watch anything else. Our VCR would rewind and start playing again on it's own, so we heard it over and over and over and over night after night after night for a week!
When she was through it, my husband took the Dumbo tape and tore it to shreds and threw it away. He still twitches if he sees Dumbo.
Jenn Phipps said…
That sucks Tara. I am so glad that someone invented the TV, especially for nights like you had...you just need to be able to survive the day without freaking out at your kids! Here's to a better night's sleep for you.
Just Janice said…
TV is one of the best and worst inventions ever! It sounds as though you had a night like me - only you win 'cause you have more kids than me! Here's to a better night tonight.
We could be twins today. I've been completely exhausted as well!!

So glad you stopped by my blog. I'm bookmarking yours:)
Awwww.... Rough night! Your babies are GEEEE-OR-GEEOUS!
Go to bed. Mama's orders.

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