Outside fun

My sons played outside this morning since it is only -12 degrees Celsius (which is 10 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends). Olivia and I were watching them play out our front window. And yes... we still have some of our Christmas lights up. We don't turn them on though!

When it warmed up the other day the boys made a snowman (you can just see it beside Owen). The tragic part about living here is that we have TONS of snow and NONE of it is any good for making snowmen or snowballs. It is too dry and cold here so the snow can't stick together. Sad isn't it? The boys always want to make snowmen because they see them on TV and in books and stuff so we do try but they are pathetic attempts at best.
Owen loves to eat snow. So does Aiden. It is a good thing we live where most of the snow is still clean and white and not filled with dirt!
Shadow the cat played with the boys outside. Yesterday he brought us a "present" in the form of a dead bird which he left by our door. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture. My only question is what on earth are birds still doing here? It is FAR too cold here to live outside. Why didn't they fly south?

Aiden is the hardest to convince to go outside but once he goes he usually has a lot of fun.
Olivia really wanted to go out too. She brought me socks (from the boys dirty pile) and Owen's toque (knitted cap for my American friends)...
I love this toque because it is a "Strawberry". Owen loved the first one his grandma got him so much that she got him a bigger size so he could still wear one this year.
Those toques are so hard to get on!

Here is Olivia grinning at her brothers coming back inside. She really loves those brothers of hers!


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