no more babies

Actual conversation with my son Owen held 5 minutes ago....

Owen: Is Shadow (our cat) a baby like Olivia?

Me: Yes

Owen: Why?

Me: Because Shadow is only 9 months old.

Owen: (walks over to me and starts patting my belly) Mommy, I wish we had LOTS of babies.

Me: What kind of babies?

Owen: ALL kinds of babies.

Me: Really?

Owen: but not too many babies.... just 3 more.

Me: that is a lot of babies honey. Why do you want more babies?

Owen: because our house is just SO big and your tummy is SO big.

Me: Mommy doesn't want any more babies honey. I have enough.

Owen: but your tummy could have more in there... it's big enough.

Me: I know honey but there is no more babies in there.

Owen: Transformers are cool....

Me: weeping and sighing over the state of my rather ... um... voluptuous body.


Anonymous said…
Haha! And he switches over to another subject just like that. I love kid dialogue!

Thanks for entering my blog's giveaway - good luck!
Unknown said…
Ha ha ha ha ha. Toooooo funny.

Will wants more babies too - but just 1. I've told him we'll see. We'll see meaning if I leave it long enough, you'll hopefully forget about it.
At least you're not big AND old-- that's what mine tell me. A1 told me I must be nearly half of fifty already (oh, sweet soul, don't I wish). I think you look great (and I have seen pictures other than the one taken by the Mac)
Anna said…
I can remember the same type of conversations that I have had with my kids. How sweet. Children really say the 'darndest' things. You have got some really adorable children. God bless you.
debrowns said…
Shari said…
Ha Ha Ha. Cute, cute, cute. That makes for a great post. My little girl has started saying, "I don't mean to be rude, but..." Then she lets out the truth about what she thinks.
Anonymous said…
That's the perfect example of how a child's mind works - always switching from one subject to the next.

BTW, I'm sure your tummy looks just fine!
Unknown said…
hahaha, kids are so.... :-)

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