My famous family

This week my husband AND my son were in our local newspaper! Doug was interviewed about the dessert night we had at our church a few weeks ago.Aiden was part of the story they did on our local elementary school kindergarten circus!
They even had a picture of him being the "Rubberman"...
I was very impressed that they managed to get in the paper in the same issue!

But here is an issue that has confused me a bit over the past couple months:

There have been some people who have been concerned with the fact that I put pictures of my kids and other people up on my blog. I guess the idea is that some sicko is going to see the pictures and find us and do terrible things to us.

So why aren't they concerned when people end up in the newspaper? The newspaper gave FAR more information on the people pictured than I EVER do... for example from the kindergarten circus article you find a FULL list of EVERY SINGLE student in the class, first AND last names, what school they attend, which class they are in, plus pictures of several of them. From the article about our church you find full names of several people, what church they attend, where they are from and pictures of several of them.

So IF you were a sicko you could find out a whole lot more from the newspaper then you could ever find on my blog.

I called the newspaper and found out that our little town newspaper has 1800 subscriptions. Our free newspaper has a readership of 16000.

My blog doesn't even BEGIN to reach that many people. And MOST of the people who read my blog are far away.

And it seems to me that we live in a remote enough location that IF there were a sicko about they would likely be a LOCAL sicko and therefore could find out all the information they needed from the paper without every having to turn on the computer. And that's if they didn't feel like walking around town for a couple hours and asking a few nice people some questions.

All that to say IF you happen to be a sicko please don't read my blog. Go turn yourself in to the police instead.

IF you are worried that I reveal too much about myself and my family in this blog please try to remember where we live and that our local newspaper tells people far more than I ever do. And my blog isn't famous. It's not like thousands of people are reading my musings here.

Okey dokey?


the Doug said…
But I'm so super special that I must count for more than one don't I?

Don't I?!
Shera said…
You are very right! I don't hesitate to share photos on my blog, but I don't share kid's names and I say each blogger needs to choose what they feel is right for them.

Moving on though, I wanted to tell you that I sent a little linky love your way at this post at A Frog In My Soup!

Anna said…
Exactly! I ought to go tell the sickos to leave my blog alone, and turn themselves in to the police, too.
Anonymous said…
In a fear culture, it shows wisdon not to keep hiding your radiance. Shine on.
Amanda said…
Good point!

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