motivationally challenged

I am feeling very tired today. And I really lack motivation. You know the feeling when you look around your house and there is just so much to do that you can't even think where to start?

This afternoon my son Aiden's class is putting on a circus for the parents. When we left for school this morning I asked Aiden if he was excited and he said "yes... but you know mom... I have stage fright". Poor kid. He really does. I am hoping everything goes smoothly for him today though.

I think I am going to drink some more tea. Perhaps it will give me the energy I need to clean the crushed cheerios off my living room carpet.


Amanda said…
I will soon be joining you in the needing to clean up Cheerios soon as I go to the store to buy them...then Finny can eat them.

My motivational challenge today is laundry...but it's downstairs...with the piano.


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