Is it bedtime yet?

It is almost 10:30 pm here now... and I turned into a zombie-mommy about 5 hours ago. I mean seriously... I have been up for over 17 hours today... that is too long.

Unfortunately my sweet baby girl is inexplicably awake. Cute. But awake.

So here I sit listening to my itunes and blog surfing until Miss. Olivia decides to sleep.

At least we have fun together. But my husband sure hates it that I let her sit on the desk and look at the computer screen. Really I couldn't help it. One day she just climbed up and she has found her spot. What can I say.


Heidi said…
Yeay, I found you! This is Heidi - Nepal Heidi. CUTE CUTE kids, girl!!
I still haven't had time to get back onto facebook to check out your weeks are pretty hectic. I've got your blog bookmarked now, so I'll have to find a snugly time to sit down and read about YOU! :~)
Anonymous said…
This Monday I saw WHEN IN DOUBT LET THE KID CHOOSE. I was on track for the nap for my 21 month old granddaughter -snowsuit, walk, when tired into stroller. It was drizzling, and she fell twice, no fuss by her, just a sign that her body was not bouncy. She nodded off OK but at home I wanted to take off the damp rather than put a blanket over. I guess a 20 minute power nap cut out the normal 2 hours. I could have used a break but I wanted to see if she could learn to sleep without the stroller (Mommy is down to one breast feeding before bed - and a few tough times a week.)

So I held her and walked around, reducing distractions, and reasoning about sleep, and staying soothing while she resisted for almost 2 hours. This may sound crazy, but I was trying various tools and beliefs that I accumulated from infant/toddler daycare nap rooms and from co-counseling playdays where a child shows distress in a repetitive way.
I did get her to copy me doing a few deep breaths, so we'll see if that helps later (deep breathing is helping meget the relaxation response).

So when my daughter and son-in-law came home. My daughter listened and asked "Was she grumpy?"
Priorities shifted out of napping early so parents can have a good playtime.

I went upstairs and had a formal crying session with a friend to clear the junk, returned feeling genuinely friendly to see little one helpiong Mommy make burritos in such a careful was that Daddy took a video, until the battery went.

So I am still processing the force used to get me to nap in the '40s, and I will keep learning from younger less oppressed generations. But where are the powernaps for the caregivers?
Laura said…
She looks very cute sitting there. Your blog template is beautiful. Is it one you did yourself?

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