My sons really love jumping on my bed. I know I am not supposed to let them do this but I do anyway. They have so much fun and they entertain themselves for ages giving me some much needed down time.

I found this very entertaining article called Caring for Your Introvert. There is another follow up article called Introverts of the World, Unite! Both are written by Jonathan Rauch. I really enjoyed both articles as they are not only true, but funny too. Very enjoyable.

I have a lot going on in my mind the past couple days. But none of it is coherent enough to write down yet. When I am thinking through things I sometimes forget to talk to people. And I have a dreadful headache that is now on like day 8 or something. Which makes me even less social.

I had a complete breakdown over my weight last night. And this morning I had a complete meltdown over how fast Olivia is growing up. I don't want to let her "babyhood" go. Which is a problem because I am reluctant to give up breastfeeding and therefore can't change my medications which means my weight will continue to be a struggle.

Sucks to be me.

I'm not depressed today. Just tired of thinking in circles.

But here are some cute pictures of Olivia which always make me smile...


Bola said…
hi, love ur site!and Olivia is really cute.
Anonymous said…
So, too many marbles in your head, sounds like spring cleaning is already happening.

Why does no one tell mothers about all the steps of letting go? Feelings of loss are so real so important. And we are supposed to hide them like a dirty secret? What a culture. No wonder peoples eyes show a big thirst for babies.

Great pieces on introverts - sound like we're self stabilizers who really appreciate other' depth.
Let's be quiet and stay together - what a concept.

I wish I could get my computer to register me as more than anonymous.
- G. on the coast
Kelly said…
tara! yes, it's true, i need to do another are so awesome with the blogging, just got caught up. what i love about you guys is that you have fun. two kids jumping on a bed is not going to do much damage to a mattress. an adult jumping on the bed is a whole other story. guess that's what they made trampolines for.
Di said…
Thanks for entering my contest. If I'm reading this right, we share struggles with depression. I have a category on my blog called wittily, "Depression." It talks about my struggles and there are some good book if you have time to read.

The one book I would recommend HIGHLY is Tracy Thompson's The Ghost in the House. It's about moms and depression. Very interesting stuff. Helped me stop feeling guilty about what my depression was doing to my kids.

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