Double Date

Last night we had a sort of "double date" with my friend Robyn and her husband. We went to a thing at our church and then Robyn and Garth came over to our place. It was really fun!

Unfortunately we stayed up way too late and now I am EXHAUSTED! When my boys got up this morning at 6 am all I could think of was "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO... not yet... please". Of course they were VERY well rested because they went to bed at 6 pm last night. That's right. 6. They ASKED to go to bed then. So I let them. I thought they would get up again while we were gone and hang out with the babysitter some but no. They didn't. So really I should just be glad they didn't get up at 4 am or something horrible.

On a completely unrelated note it is FREEZING cold here. I mean REALLY REALLY cold. I copied this from the Canadian weather network...

Current Conditions
Updated: 824 AM GMT-7 SUN FEB 10 2008

Mostly Clear
Temp: -40°C
Humidity: 65%
Wind Speed: S 6 MPH
Barometer: 1032 mb
Dewpoint: -44°C
Heat Index: -40°C
Wind Chill: -51°C
That's right people. We get to walk to church in -51 degrees. I bet you are all jealous and wish you lived here.


I miss summer. Even with the monstrous mosquitoes. Sometimes I really wonder why I live here.


Judy said…
When I feel like complaining about the -15 F. wind chill, I think of you.
ChristiS said…
oh, my! I can't even imagine how cold that is!!
Qtpies7 said…
I guess I will stop complaining about the -41. Although after -20 its all cold, isn't it? LOL

I love your blog design and header, am I blind or is it new? So cute!
Bebemiqui said…
I agree about the cuteness of your new design.
Thinking about the whole depression thing being a big discussion point right now... I wonder if some of it is because of the weather. It sure isn't helping things around my house. My MIL and I both suffer from seasonal depression, so I'm happy for a sunny day.
Rachel Anne said…
My husband is from MN and always checks the weather conditions. And as a hockey fan, he is always giving me the weather reports from Canada. The Dallas Stars recently played in Edmonton and of course I heard "it's -52 up there..." Yikes!

You're welcome to visit us in Texas any time.....
workout mommy said…
wow, now I feel bad complaining about the 20 degree weather I am having here!!!

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