Doctor visit

I went to the doctor today about how shaky and weak/faint I've been feeling lately. She seems to think it is just low blood sugar mixed with my hypo-thyroid issues. But you know that fateful moment when they ask you to step on a scale? Ya. I hate that. So I step on the scale and she notes that instead of LOSING weight as she had hoped, I have in fact GAINED weight.

This was not a surprise to me.

I tried to tell her that I have been TRYING to lose weight... well... trying more than I normally would anyway.

She commented that my blood sugar was not high... which it would be if I were eating too much sugary junk food. Then she laughed and said "I guess you wouldn't have low blood sugar then ha ha ha. But it sure wouldn't help your weight!". No kidding.

She then informed me that my anti-depressant and my thyroid are working together to sabotage my weight loss hopes. There is nothing we can do about my thyroid right now since I am already medicated and will see the specialist as soon as she gets of maternity leave in the summer (we only have one available specialist for thyroid stuff).

But we CAN do something about the anti-depressant. She mentioned some medication that shouldn't increase my appetite but it is one of those "might be harmful to take when breastfeeding but it might not be. We don't know and so we will say it is just to cover our butts" drugs. Which means I either have to hurry up and wean Olivia or be ok with gaining more weight.

Sucks to be me.

The thing is I really want to do a gradual weaning process. I don't want it to be traumatic for Olivia OR for me. And if I am forced to choose I will choose getting fatter. I just wish I didn't have to choose.

And as far as going off the anti-depressants all together...I am just not ready for that and my doctor agrees. I talked to her about how I still have rather low days and she said that my present anti-depressant probably just isn't the ideal one for me. She said she could up the dose but doesn't want to since I am already struggling with weight.

All that to say I didn't really solve any of my issues. But at least I tried.

I took Owen with me and she checked on his heart murmur and told me she isn't worried about it. He is clearly thriving so it obviously isn't affecting him at all. He talked the ENTIRE appointment. The whole time I was having my "consult" time Owen talked. Continuously.

It was pretty funny and I am just glad I have such an easygoing doctor!

I do like my doctor. She reminded me just before I left that I had lost 35 pounds before I got pregnant with Olivia so I can do it again. She also reminded me that my body responds rather strongly to some medications... for example a tiny difference in my thyroid medication dose will literally make me lose or gain weight to the tune of a pound or two per week. Change the dose, change my weight. Birth control pills = gain weight. Migraine medication = lose weight. No medication = insane mommy.

I am grateful for modern medicine. I really am. I would have done real damage to myself if I didn't have it. But the side effects I could do without!


Amanda said…
No fun Tara! I don't blame you for being torn with the drug/breastfeeding thing. Though my breastfeeding experiences weren't the I don't fully understand...but I know it's hard. I know you'll do what's best for you.
I can't remember the last time I had a doctor that listened like that! I'm glad you went in, even if nothing really did get sorted. You're becoming my "coping" mentor!

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