And the results are finally in...

Some of you may recall that we got audited this year... I was VERY stressed out by this. It was a ton of work and a real pain in the *@$#%@* . But I got all the required paperwork together and sent it in.

Then we heard nothing.

For months and months and months.

Then last week we got this in the mail...
It says "no adjustment necessary".

Well thank-you very much Revenue Canada.

I guess I should be relieved but mostly I am annoyed that I had to do all that work cooperating with rather obnoxious revenue Canada thugs and all they sent me was this lame letter. After all, I KNEW that we hadn't done our taxes wrong, I KNEW that I had not lied or mislead them in anyway. So I wasn't real surprised when they agreed. They should have at least sent me an "I'm sorry we caused you so much stress for no good reason" note. Sheesh.

Hopefully we won't be audited again. Ever.


Unknown said…
I'm so glad it worked out. Stupid money stuff.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha you look so mature!!! Maybe they'll run across your blog. Love your tongue...I don't think you ever gave me that facial expression. Glad its over!! Love ya! Becky

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