Three Cheers for ME!



You can actually see my laundry room floor. I even vacuumed it!

I also got rid of 4 bags of clothes. And I will be getting rid of more. We just have far too many clothes in our house.

However, I still have not figured out a solution to my main laundry problem- bedding. I have two sons who are chronic bed-wetters... or not night potty-trained yet or whatever is the proper term for it now. Even WITH their night time pull-up diapers on I still have at LEAST 4 or 5 full sets of bedding to wash per week. Not including the rest of our beds! And I'm talking sheets AND quilts... the whole nine yards.

And yes, we DO cut back on the amount they drink before bed. And yes, we do make sure they go to the bathroom before they go to sleep.

I think my younger son Owen is actually well on the road to dry nights. But my poor son Aiden has NEVER woken up dry. Ever. Not even from a nap. It is like as soon as he lies down and falls asleep his bladder just lets go. Poor kid. It really frustrates him. I asked our doctor about it but apparently they don't even test for possible problems until he is 7. So for now we are NOT making a big deal out of it. I don't need the poor kids feeling bad for doing something they can't control.

Anyway, the point is I'M DONE MY LAUNDRY!!!!!


AND I took down our Christmas decorations today. I still have a couple things to take down that I need my husband's help with but other than that we have de-Christmasized the house.

For some bizarre unknown reason I had an inordinate amount of energy today. I don't know why or what was different about today but I sure wish it would happen more often. I got TONS done.

Don't worry though, there is still TONS to do. And I'm pretty sure this bizarre energy streak won't last forever.


Amanda said…
I wet my bed until I was 11. I remember not being able to go to sleepovers due to my problem. I also remember having to wear adult diapers when we were camping (since there were no Good Nights when we were young). I feel for you and I feel for poor Aiden. No fun for either of you. Willem seems to have inherited Brian's bladder...hoping Nate'll have it too.
We have a bedwetter too. Same thing - often wets right through a Goodnight and that is a major source of laundry in our house. (I actually just put a load of his bedding in about 5 minutes ago.) We also don't make a big deal out of it because he just doesn't wake up...and it will come.

In the meantime, I am thankful every day for our HUGE frontload washer & dryer. It really cuts down on laundry time.

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