That'll teach me

As I mentioned in my last post I had an unusual burst of energy yesterday and I got a lot accomplished. And now today I am paying for it. Which I really don't think is fair. Why should I get punished for getting so much done?

I have a raging migraine.

I always seem to get brutal headaches following periods of exceptional activity.

No fair.

I also had terrible nightmares last night for no good reason. Not that having dreams is unusual for me... I have fairly vivid dreams every night. I don't know why. My husband can go months without remembering a single one of his dreams.

My daughter is napping. My sons are watching Sponge Bob. My head is trying to explode off my person.


Bebemiqui said…
It'd be nice if we could just remove our heads when they bothered us. Removable body parts would be nice.

I'm missing watching Spongebob since the kiddos are gone. I did stop on it for 5 minutes on my way to (supposedly) more adult TV (Project Runway).

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