So confused

Can someone explain to me why -40 degrees Celsius is also -40 degrees Fahrenheit? Why? -10 degrees Celsius is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Zero degrees Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't get it. Why is it different the whole time until -40? I am so confused.

But as a matter of fact it IS -40 degrees Celsius here today. Owen was actually crying by the time we walked the 2 minutes to school because he was so cold. He made his teacher promise not to make him play outside at recess today. She assured him that it was far too cold for anyone to play outside today.

My poor sweet husband is STILL sick. And he isn't even faking it. He is REALLY wiped out. I actually feel very badly for him. And Aiden is still sick. And so is Olivia. So is my mom. So is half our town.

I'm still ok (thank-you Jesus!). I must not get sick.

My son wanted to play with the computer this morning so here he is... gotta love Mac Photo Booth...


I SO do not like 40 below! Since we've moved here 8 years ago, I have not experienced it. Back home it was a common occurance.
el Maggie said…
We haven't had any -40 yet this year - and only a few days of -30ish (and that's wind chill). I never really remember the extremes (either hot or cold) when they aren't happening, so that every year it's a shock to the system, but I do seem to recall -40 being kinda psychologically damaging.
Michele said…
i don't get it, either. all i know is that when the Fahrenheit scale and the Celsius scale match up, i should stay indoors.
Qtpies7 said…
Crazy! I would not take my kids to school in that weather! My dd doesn't do well with the cold, she actually gets welts from it, so that would be horrible for her! She is 16yo, and even gets welts from water in the summer, it is just too cool for her or something.

Thanks for weighing in on the pants thing. The pants I got are below my belly button, but at the top of my hip bones, still not comfortable to me. I am wearing them, though, we'll see what happens.
Love the pics and I love my Mac too-- aren't the kids fun when they can see themselves. Poor little Olivia though, she looks miserable. Get better everybody!
Ok, so here's my scientific answer to your question, and really, don't feel you need to thank me because I still owe you a tag.
Anyway, It is 40 below in F and C because, well , it is. Just accept it. Have faith that it all works out and let your mind move on to more pleasant things like what load of laundry to do next...uh, or maybe chocolate. Chocolate gets me through those deep brainy movements. :-)
Colleen said…
The pictures are so fun!

And we've hit -38°C but not -40°C so you've even got Yellowknife beat! I don't know about where you live but my jaw just about dropped to the floor when I discovered that if it's -30°C or warmer here the kids at school have to play outside.

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