Sick again

My sweet Owen is sick... again.

And for the anonymous commenter of a few weeks ago who so sweetly pointed out that my kids are "always" sick... I really wasn't asking for your opinion and I invite you not to read my blog. I know my kids get sick a lot. Most kids do. And I don't need your implications that I am a bad mother because my kids get sick. So please just don't comment ok? Thanks.

Now back to Owen. The poor child has had a fever since Wednesday, he hasn't eaten since Wednesday morning and I have to force him to drink anything. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and it will be a relief to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong.

I know it's probably nothing but I just hate it when my kids are sick and I always get a little knot of fear in the pit of my stomach.

Owen says nothing hurts but he honestly hasn't really moved off the couch in days. That is just not normal.Aiden is just fine other than missing his play companion. He has an abundance of energy. He just spent the last 15 minutes straight running circles in my living room. He keeps trying to convince Owen to play. Owen gets up and tries valiantly but only lasts a couple minutes before lying back down on the couch.
I think Olivia is enjoying having Owen be so mellow. The living room has stayed cleaner with one less kid messing it up. So she decided to take action. Can't have things too clean you know. She dumped out all the diapers and spread them around to play with.

She really is very cute to watch as she learns new things. Today she is learning to walk sideways. She is so very thrilled. She is also learning to climb up on the stool we have. She gets up on top of it and then chatters to herself and the world for a few minutes like she is on a stage giving a speech or something. I find it quite entertaining to watch.


Tara, your kids are sick because... THEY'RE KIDS! What ever idiot chose to make you feel otherwise, is well, an idiot. That's my eloquent comment for today. (And I bet that person has one kid that goes NOWHERE all day, and doesn't play with other children and she/he never shakes hands with people at church or in the school yard...).
You will get through this. There's a day when you'll say, "hey, no one was sick this month" and it goes up from there.
Sending prayers your way (pray for me since I called someone and idiot)
Tanya said…
HUGS!! I am sorry someone was so rude with their comments...some people's children (insert eye roll here)

I find that just happens with kids. Mine tend to go in spurts. Last year was HORRIBLE. My children were literally sick from October through to March. It was horrible. But then this year, so far (knock on wood LOL) we haven't even had the sniffles.
With lots of little ones, if one gets it, they all do.
Praying for health for your family!

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