Well... I have about 3 minutes to write before I have to do something for someone in my house ... my husband is still sick, so are Aiden and Olivia. Aiden seems to be recovering though. He went to school today and actually did pretty good.

I am managing (miraculously) to keep up fairly well with the laundry... you may not be impressed with that but trust me, it is an accomplishment.

We have money issues.
That is all I will say about that because it is just too depressing to dwell on for long.

I will say, though, that I am VERY thankful for the Canadian health care system and our benefits plan from my husband's job. My asthma inhaler cost over $100 this month, Aiden's cost $80, and we spent another $95 on my thyroid medication and post partum antidepressants and Owen's inhaler. Not to mention the two prescriptions we got. I am so grateful that we can send in our receipts and get reimbursed for some of that money. And I am even more grateful that the Saskatchewan government decided that we are poor enough to receive provincial health benefits which means we only pay a fraction of the actual costs of our kids prescriptions. If we weren't part of these programs we would not be able to afford our medications. So once again I say YAY Canada. And Asthma sucks.

Last night Olivia fell asleep nursing (yes, I am still nursing. yes, I know she is over one, and yes, I am fine with that) and while she was asleep she BIT me!!!! She was so asleep that when I yanked my poor bitten self away from her she didn't even flinch. But wow did I ever flinch. Ouch. That really hurt. And yes, I am still planning on nursing for awhile longer. She never bites me when she is awake!

Can you tell my brain is scattered today? I'm a little on the exhausted side. Hopefully I won't get sick like the rest of my family.


Qtpies7 said…
Totally been there on the biting thing. I couldn't take it anymore. Sam bit me so hard I bled from the inside through the milk! I quit at 13 months.
Robyn said…
I didn't read yet, just came to tell you that I need your email address so I can invite you to my blog. I've been having some issues with it lately. So yeah, let me know!

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