Owen has ouchies

So I took Owen back to the doctor this evening... it would seem that the poor child has inflamed tonsils. Ouch. His heart is also beating too fast (normal when you have a fever) and the doctor heard a heart murmur which we have to check out again when he is not sick. Apparently when your heart goes fast you can have a murmur sound that really isn't a problem. So we have to go back when he is well to have another listen and hopefully it will be all gone.

The doctor told me to give Owen pop and Popsicles if we have to in order to get liquids in him. So when we got home from the doctor we gave him the last freeze-dried-left-over-from-summer Popsicles that we have and to my great surprise he actually enjoyed it. And then he drank almost half a drinking box of apple juice.

Better than nothing!

Tomorrow I have to get his prescription filled and buy a box of Popsicles. I suspect I won't be able to get away with Owen eating Popsicles all day while Aiden has to eat real food... that's just not fair.

I'm also open to a miracle happening while Owen sleeps tonight and he is perfectly well in the morning.

I am so tired.

I've noticed that what little sleep I regularly get is severely curtailed when one (or more) of my children is ill.

That's just not fair.


Judy said…
Oh, I hope Owen is better today.

May he also refuse to share this germ!

Prayers for Owen's swift recovery!
Robyn said…
Haha, give him pop. Who did you see?!?! They have to be kidding! I would say give him Gatorade or Powerade, at least he'll get the needed electrolytes! Hey, are you going to the slave factory tomorrow? I'm assuming Owen won't be going? If you go at all? If you read this, soon like, give me a call. 1033. I want to know if you're going tomorrow, so I give you back your fondue pot. Thanks! I'm up late usually, yay. So call whenever.

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