Yesterday my husband got ordained... which basically means he is officially finished all his requirements to be a Reverend. It is a big deal and I am very proud of him.

Here is a picture of the elder's board of our church, our district superintendent- Doug Gerrard- and my father-in-law praying for us. Olivia wouldn't let me pass her off to Grandma before we went up so she came too.Miss. Olivia looked adorable in the new dress she got on Christmas Eve from our Christmas Angels.
This is my brother-in-law Phil with my husband. I love this picture of them. My husband is the shorter one on the right of the picture.
And here is our attempt at a family picture after church...
Uncle Phil hurt is knee so he is the one with the brace holding Aiden, Aunt Erica is lying on the back of the couch, my husband Doug is holding Olivia, I am holding a very grumpy Owen sitting in between my parent-in-laws....

Everyone is gone home now. The house is a mess. Aiden has a fever. But it was a really good weekend.


Just Me said…
Congratulations on the Ordination! Way to go! Now your officially a 'reverends' wife - hmmm..now that didn't sound right?!! Anwyays..congrats! How are you feeling these days Tara?? I just read the one blog that youwere still strugglign a bit with feeling down. Is anythign helping?? And I'm jsut curious, do you struggle with this during the sunnier months?? I'm wondering, because I have a friend, whose parents were both Norwegians - and she really struggled during the winter months with depression. They have since figured out, that she needs lots andlots of light! So, they went out and bought some special light, and she sits under it everyday...between that and anti-d's, she's a new person! She's taking less anti-d's now..and using more 'light'. Anyways..jsut thought I'd pass that (proabably useless) piece of info on to you! Trust all is well. I often pray for you, ever time the Lord brings you to mind!!
Congrats to both of you! He worked hard to get the new title, but these things aren't possible without tremendous support from the lady of the house! Good job, guys!
Vader's Mom said…
Congrats! That takes such much dedication from you both.

I love the family shot. Shows so much personality!!
Amanda said…
Looks like a great day. I'm glad so many could be there for your special day. Congrats!

I'm sorry about Aidan's ears! You just can't seem to catch a break!
Robyn said…
Congrats Doug(and Tara, I totally wrote dough the first time too, HEH)!!!!! The pictures are wonderful, and I especially love the family! You all look fantastic! Tara, I hope Aiden gets better soon now!
MommyKnows said…

What a beautiful baby girl!

Tanya said…
Congrats Doug and Tara!
Those are great photos - so wonderful to have family there to share in your special day!
Judy said…

You are right, it IS a big deal!

And, a lot of sacrifice and hard work.

For both of you.

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