One more sleep until SCHOOL!!!

I don't know if everyone feels this way but I tend to find Sunday mornings especially hard- specifically getting everyone TO and FROM church without going insane. By the time I get everyone home it is way past lunch time, Olivia needs her nap and is so tired that she just wants to nurse instead of eating table food, and the boys have filled up on cookies and juice at church so they are entirely NOT interested in eating anything healthy.

And bundling everyone up in snowsuits certainly doesn't help. Poor Olivia. This morning I put her in her snowsuit first and then the boys and then put my coat on. By the time I got everyone out the door poor Olivia was roasting hot. You'd think I'd have learnt but no... I did the exact same thing to her on the way out of the church. Poor kid. She screamed and made herself even hotter. And then the boys took so long walking home that she fell asleep in her little sled thing that I was pulling her in. She was SO mad when I took her inside. But now she is asleep again.

Owen is still feeling horrible. He is laid out on the couch again.

Aiden is going nuts without Owen to play with. He keeps pestering Owen to play with him and Owen keeps saying "No fanks, I not feewing vewy well Anan" (No thanks, I'm not feeling very well Aiden).

I really hope this prescription works and Owen feels better in time to go back to school on Tuesday.

Speaking of school, Aiden goes back tomorrow.


My appreciation for the public school system and my sons' teachers (and teachers in general) grows daily. I really love them. I think they may be saving my sanity.

Not to mention teaching my kids to read and things like that!

So three cheers for Mrs. Kirk and Miss. Hauser. We love you.


Bebemiqui said…
I like to see that you've gotten caught by the contesting bug.
I'm also glad that I'm not the only one who loves her kids so much that she can't wait until they go back to school. I see nothing wrong with loving that they go to school. (Even though some people guilt me into thinking otherwise).

Sorry about your tea alertness :0( I am in Tennessee picking up my kids right now. I am just sane enough to be glad to see them now. But I'm sure by the time I get home I'll be ready to ship them off again :0)

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