Ok... I won't jump

Well thank-you very much to all of you who commented on my last post... I really do appreciate it! And here is what I have learnt

1. I don't have to make this huge decision in one day. I can take time to consider the options and pray about things before jumping over a cliff (so to speak).

2. It is important to know my own limits and not feel like I have to be super-mom... because I'm NOT super-mom and that is ok.

3. Other people's kids have gone through issues like this and survived.

4. I have a lot of support.

Thanks Jeri, Judy, Maggie, Amanda, Cindi, Amber, and my sweet blog-less friend Becky.


Amy & Jared said…
Hey Tara,
If you end up making the 'jump' I've got a good friend up here that homeschools and would be more then willing to talk you thru some stuff! And even elp you figure out if it's for you. She's been homeschool for 4 years now!
You're very welcome. Now get on that mac and take some pictures. :-)

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