Just say NO

Well... this sickness flu thing is sure holding on tight to my family! My husband is still sick... but still has to preach in the morning. Owen is doing great. Aiden is recovering slowly. Olivia is pretty miserable still but I think she is getting better.

And so far I am doing... ok.

I have an intense headache and my whole body aches....

but I am NOT getting sick. I refuse.

So there.


Just Me said…
Hang in...and at the same time, bombard yourself with vitamins - ro whatever it takes! The minute I feel something coming on, I grab the Cold FX - that stuff works like crazy!! Trust you 'll be 'missed' by the bug in the house!
ChristiS said…
Keep refusing! I do that many times!! Praying that you truly DON'T get it!
Colleen said…
Just say NOOOOOOOO!!! Hang in there, girlie!

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