The joys of having a digital camera

Here are some random pictures from the moments in my day today...

My mom and I had tea together this afternoon and Owen and Olivia joined us for a time.

At one point Olivia decided to crawl ON TOP of the table from Grandma's lap to mine... of course Grandma LET HER!!!! Now, I don't usually allow Olivia to walk across the table but since it was already happening I took the opportunity to take a few pictures with Doug's camera...
I just love her sweet little feet!!!

Owen and Grandma had fun making faces at each other...

I love my mom. I love how she joins right in with my kids and does silly things with them. And they love her too.Of course my poor darling son Aiden had some difficulty today with me taking down the Christmas decorations. He HATES change and he LOVES the decorations. Today he yelled at me that he did NOT want me to take Christmas away. It really does upset him. And I feel bad. But not bad enough to leave the stuff up all year round!

So here is Aiden explaining to me how mad he is at me and why he is mad at me and telling me I had better stop taking his picture.

This is the face that was saying "Mom... I TOLD you to STOP taking my picture!!!".
Ah, the memories.

I REALLY love digital cameras.


Love the pictures! I find it fascinating how toddlers' toes grip the floor as they walk. Too cute!

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