Ice Skating with Owen

This morning my son Owen got to go ice skating (for the second time in his life)... and I got to go with him and watch.

Of course one of Owen's favourite parts of the trip was riding on the school bus. He has always wanted to ride the bus to school but since we live less than 2 blocks from the school he doesn't have that option, much to his chagrin.

So here is my sweet boy so excited on the bus. He saved a seat especially for me... such a cutie pie!
Here he is ready to go with his skates and helmet on...
His teacher used to figure skate so she knows how to teach kids to skate which is a good thing considering Owen has never been skating before with us!
I was very proud of how well he did. It was so fun to watch all the kids skating... or trying to skate as the case may be.

Here Owen is looking over the wall at me after skating the whole width of the rink... he was so pleased with himself.
And of course I got to "skate" too... of course I don't actually own skates or a helmet so I had to suffice with my boots. Technically Owen was supposed to be using the chair for balance but instead he sat on it and asked me to push him around.

It was very fun and I enjoyed it immensely.

Unfortunately my husband is still sick, Aiden is still not 100% even though he is finished his prescription, and I have a sore throat. Will this flu type thingy never leave us alone????


Good times! Love the pic with you out there in your boots!
Tara.. come on over and email me your address you won the devotional book!

I'll give ya till Sunday to respond.
Amanda said…
Ah, the school bus. Nate is obsessed with them too. Everytime there's a school bus infront of the school he stops and stares. So cute. Owen looked SOOOOOO excited. What a sweetie.

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