I want to skip this month

I am totally emotionally overwhelmed.

I think I would like to skip a few months. Or sleep until May-ish.

Today my son did NOT have a good day at school. At one point he was upset about something or another and so he took off his boot and threw it. He says it was an accident but he managed to hit another kid in the face with his boot and give him a bloody nose. He also threw his lunch kit at his teacher's head to get her attention. Luckily it is a cloth lunch kit.


Plus an elderly lady from our church passed away last night which means my husband will be performing a funeral on Friday. Of course we go to Saskatoon for my thyroid specialist appointment on Thursday and to pick up his parents who will be visiting us from Ottawa. Doug's ordination service is on Sunday. We are having a family get together with my parent-in-laws and my brother-in-law and his wife on Saturday. Owen is still sick. Olivia is teething again. I have a never-ending headache.

And yes, as a matter of a fact I AM a little ticked at God right now. And feeling rather sorry for myself thank-you very much. And NO I do NOT need any advice. Trust me. I went to 6 years of bible college and I have a degree in Religious Education... I KNOW what I am SUPPOSED to be thinking and feeling and doing but that does not change my personal present reality.

Perhaps I am just over-tired.

I need a nap.


Kailani said…
I think we're all allowed to have some down moments. I hope you're feeling better soon!

BTW, thanks for stopping by!

An Island Life
Chin up! Thinking about you.
Judy said…
Um. Goodness. Who COULD handle all of that?

No advice from me. Sympathy, yes.

Hang in there. Some idiot once said that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

I think this was said just before he died a terrible death, but, whatever.

Sometimes life is hard. And, sometimes it is harder.
Just Me said…
Hey Tara....well do you have ANY idea how hard it is for me NOT to give advice!! Oh dear Lord, put that duck tape across my lips!! Seriously....you do have a lot on your plate - and with a headachet to boot ( probably a tension headache no doubt!!). You are right to feel full - sounds like you need to feel free to look at what you have the energy and strength for...and say 'no' to everything else! You sound tired too...(loved the picture of you on one cup of tea...brought back a recent memory of the same effect I also discvoered!!). Anyways..I'll be praying for you - for rest....for the ablitiy to say ' no' and be heard...and for peace. Hang in there sweetie....this too will pass!
Robyn said…
I'm sorry Aiden had a bad day & that Owen is still sick & that Liv is getting MORE teeth (you'd think 4 would be enough, right??). I hope things start to look better tomorrow! If you ever need to talk, you know I'm only a quick phone call away!!!!!

OK, no advice, but a hug is coming your way from England!
Matt said…
Found you from the "auditions."

This too shall pass....
Renee said…
Wow! I hope there is a silver lining to this for you soon.

Came by from the auditions...loved your performance.
sweet Tara...
don't forget - its okay to be angry. remember psalms and lamentations etc...

you are wonderful and I don't know how you do it sometimes!


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