I bet I can fit in this box

Miss. Olivia loves boxes. She loves to climb inside of boxes. And apparently she thought that she could fit inside my hand mixer box...Yep, both legs in...
She was very proud of herself... until she lost her balance and fell over sideways.

My sweet son Aiden is feeling a bit better after some hefty doses of asthma meds. He didn't cough as much today and his breathing was relatively easy. That is a huge relief for all of us.

Here he is a couple minutes ago... peacefully snoring away in his bed...
Which is exactly what I should be doing too... forget the dirty house and the laundry and the various bits of cracker on my living room carpet... forget the dirty dishes on the counter, forget the piles of miscellaneous whatever lying about... just go to sleep.

Maybe my fairy godmother or the cleaning fairy will show up tonight while I sleep and do all my chores for me and sprinkle some sort of magic pixie dust on all of us that will instantly cure all our various sicknesses... wouldn't that be lovely?

Wouldn't it be awesome to be magic? And yes, I know I am a pastor's wife and a large portion of church-going people disapprove of magic but I personally love it. I wish it was real. I wish I could just sing a song and all the toys would march to the toy box like Mary Poppins did. I wish I could wave a magic wand and my kitchen would clean itself like Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter books.

I am all about fairy tales people. I love Cinderella. I love Sleeping Beauty. I love all the wonderful pretend perfect happy endings. Forget reality. I have way too much of that. Tonight I shall lay down and hope my dreams are filled with perfect un-reality.



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Judy and Marianne
Amanda said…
I think you must be applying some kinda magic with all these prizes you've been winning.
Camy Tang said…
LOL This is really funny because you also won HEAVENS TO BETSY from my blog book contest! Email me at camy {at} camytang {dot} com with your mailing address.
Colleen said…
I'm glad to hear Aiden is feeling somewhat better. Poor kid. Sleep must have been a welcome relief for everyone!

And I agree. A little pixie dust would be a fine, fine thing. :)

Anonymous said…
How funny on the box and the little guy sleeping like that. Too cute!

Thanks for stopping by Tara and commenting! (no rude ones from me! :D )
Oh those photos of the box! I can't stop giggling!!


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