I am NOT at home... for a change.

My husband and daughter and I are at a conference this week. Today we drove for what seemed like an eternity to get here. In reality it was only about 6 hours. Which is like 5 hours too long in my opinion.

Grandma is babysitting the boys. Hopefully they have a lot of fun together.

The conference is for the pastor's and their wives in our district (Saskatchewan and Manitoba). Basically it is like church for pastor's for a few days. Sort of. It is a nice time to see people we don't get to see very often and have a few days with no ministry-related responsibilities.

Olivia was super good on the drive. We were driving through a blizzard and huge snow drifts for the first couple of hours and Olivia slept. Luckily Doug and I managed to stay awake despite our severe sleep deficit. I took some riveting pictures of the incredible scenery... nothing like gray skies, blowing snow and the prairies to make for some great photo ops.

Ok. Not really. The pictures are incredibly boring... as was the scenery and the drive.

I really hope we get some much needed rest this week. I also hope my poor mom manages to have a fun time with my kids and that Aiden continues to get better!

I always find it really hard to leave my kids. Even though I KNOW they will be fine. I KNOW they love their grandma and I know she will take excellent care of them. It is still hard to leave. Especially when Aiden has been so sick. Of course he is a lot better now but he is still not 100%.

Anyway, it is late and today has been a very long day. So I am off to HOPEFULLY sleep. Nighty night.


Amy Strong said…
Hello Tara,

I am glad to have found your blog. One of my very good friends is a Pastor's wife and so I understand SOME of the trials, struggles, joys, and time committments that you must juggle... not to mention handling your children.

I would like to introduce myself. I am a new WAHM and am excited to begin networking with moms and grandmothers who are juggling the many roles they have in life just as I am.

I had a 15 year career as an accountant for a publicly traded company and I missed out on so many of the precious moments in the lives of my boys.

In August of ’07 I finally took the step of faith and left my full-time employment so that I could have the time, energy, and flexibility to focus on the needs of my tween (age 12) and 1st grader (age 6).

I have built a website which focuses on the essentials of family living, hence the name ~ www.essentialfamilyliving.com and http://essentialfamilyliving.blogspot.com/. One of my favorite topics of discussion is Family Fun Night and I have dedicated much of my blog space to this subject.

I would love for you to view my site and blog then comment with any suggestions, advice, or encouragement. Thank you for the consideration.

Blessing on your day!

Hey Tara--
I really expected you to be enjoying a jacuzzi, not blogging-- but I was glad to hear from you. I hope you have a great time... is it bad to envy someone having a spiritual holiday? :-)
Do try to have a good time. I know it must be so hard being away ... just think of how much joy you're giving Grandma! :)

Edi said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. I noticed you are from SK. I grew up around Winnipeg, Manitoba ...glad to be living where it's warmer right now...though I've become such a winter wimp that the "cold" we have here is too cold.

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