Delusional Tea Drinker

Every once in awhile I think to myself "one cup of tea couldn't possibly have enough caffeine in it to keep me awake" ...

and I am wrong.

ONE cup of tea CAN and WILL keep me awake.

It is almost midnight on a Sunday night. I have been up since 6 am. I have not had a rest all day. I know that I will be up early again tomorrow morning. I have been tired for the past 5 or so years and I can usually fall asleep pretty much anytime.

But no.

I am awake.

For absolutely no good reason.



Colleen said…
That absolutely SUCKS. One measly little cup o' tea. The photo of your anger at tea says it all. I hope somehow you have the energy you need for today, my friend.
Qtpies7 said…

The whole baby in his own bed thing is going OK. I left him at about 1:30am and I don't know what time it was when he woke up, but he was FURIOUS with a capital F. I took him back to his bed and she screamed and screamed and screamed. He does that often, though, and that is part of the reason we want him out of our bed. Hoping he will learn to sleep all night.
It is working a ton better than the crib! Because I can lay with him, and he did take his nap there nicely yesterday.
Robyn said…
Um, could this whole, bed at midnight thing be the reason you are convince pigs say moo?? HAHA. Priceless. If it makes you feel any better, I went to bed at 1 & the boys were up at 5. Could also explain the coffee stain on my sweater, huh?
Judy said…
Goodness. You look great. Really.

50 is looming for me this year, and with a full nights sleep and tons of makeup I don't look half as good as you do.

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