Asthma is evil

I hate asthma.

It torments my household.

Last night Aiden (as though he hadn't had a rough enough day already) had 3 pretty big asthma attacks in the night. I woke up to hear his horrible croupy sounding cough and the sounds of him crying. I had to give him his asthma meds several times. I debated taking him to the hospital at one point but didn't.

He looked so pale. And he is always SO good about taking his inhalers. He just turned his precious face to me and took his medication like a pro. And I think that is sad. The poor kid is only 5 and he already takes 2 daily asthma medications and another one for emergencies.

After he took his medicine he looked at me and said "thanks mommy. I love you."

He really is so very sweet.

My poor husband spent half the night hacking out a lung. He is the only one in our household who does NOT have asthma... but last night he sure sounded like he did. Poor guy. He is back at work today.

Owen and Olivia are doing remarkably well all things considered. Olivia woke up a fair amount last night what with all the coughing and crying going on.

And our kitty Shadow almost drove me insane last night. For some reason he thought that he should be able to go outside and play in the middle of the night. SO the insane cat kept coming and jumping on me and meowing like a mad thing. I kept telling him "NO! It is a million degrees below zero outside. You already froze one ear you are NOT going outside so just quiet down!". He chose to ignore me and continued meowing and pestering me. Finally after Aiden's third asthma attack at 5:30 am I let Shadow outside. He stayed out for a whole 2 minutes and then wanted back in. Crazy cat.

So the moral of the story is that I am tired.

I know you are surprised to hear that since I am usually so full of energy having had a wonderful nights sleep and all. HA.

I haven't gotten very much done today. I did manage to tidy the kitchen a little bit but I totally feel off the "do two loads of laundry a day" train. Oh well. There is still time. Perhaps I will have a burst of energy later today... seems unlikely but it has happened before!


the Doug said…
I've heard though that you really only need one lung anyways, so if I hack one out I'm still good right?
Diane said…
Awww, poor kid! I have asthma too and I grew up with attacks just like that. In fact, it's been bothering me lately, but I don't have major attacks anymore, thank goodness. When the asthma isn't severe, you could try ginger tea. I'm drinking some right now! It helps clear out all that guck and lowers the inflammation. The stronger he can tolerate the tea, the better! It might warm him up, but in this weather we need it!

By the way, thanks for dropping by carp(e) libris!

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