My son Aiden ran away from school again today. I am heartbroken that my five year old gets upset enough at school that he actually runs away.

He told me that he had fun this morning but then he got in trouble for not saying nice words. Then during lunch he hid under a play structure until all the kids and supervisors had gone back inside and then he ran home because he missed me too much. Keep in mind it is -35 degrees Celsius here today. Luckily he was all dressed in his snowsuit and we only live a couple blocks from the school.

His teacher called our house practically in tears looking for him.

I walked him back to school and we talked with his teacher. As I have mentioned before I absolutely ADORE Aiden's teacher. She is phenomenal. The problem with school is certainly NOT his teacher. I just want to be clear about that. I think she is doing an amazing job.

Anyway, I had to leave him there with him fighting off tears.

It really does break my heart. I feel so very sad.


Oh, Tara, your Aiden is my Aaron. They are such sensitive little souls...
Qtpies7 said…
I had this same problem, but a little later, like 3rd grade, and I know it wasn't the teacher, but it was that he misunderstood the teacher. He though she was singling him out, she though she was giving him special treatment by giving him extra desk space to spread out after having been a homeschooler.
However, it never stopped, even with two more teachers. And the bus rides were worse.
So we are now back to teaching at home.
Some kids are just not cut out for the unnatural school environment.
Kaila's Mommy said…
Awwee! That is cute, a story you can always tell later. Thanks for entering my contest! Come back agian I will be having another one soon.
Amanda said…
Tara, I'm so sad for you! I wish I had some advice...but I don't. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinkin' of you. Any more word on the whole sensory thing?

I can't believe they had recess outside in such cold weather! You Saskatchewanites! Tough stuff.

Oh, and really appreciate your comments on my blog! You may find yourself with a crazy long message on FB someday. And same goes for you if you ever need to vent.
Wow, I'm sorry that Aiden is feeling like he has to run away. I'm glad he is safe & I'm thinking of you.

Katrina Stonoff said…
Yikes! That sounds frightening!

My 10-year-old used to hide at school and try to run away, but she never actually got off school grounds. I would have made a SCENE if she had. It sounds like you are a lot more reasonable than me!

If it helps, she did get over it.

Good luck!

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