7 Weird things about me

I was tagged by Queen to My Three Boys to tell you all 7 Seven Weird Things About Me.

Here are the rules:
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As many of you already know there are FAR more than 7 weird things about me but I shall try to narrow it down for you...

1. I have three dads, none of which keep in touch with me. The first is my birth dad whom I haven't seen since I was 7. The second is my first step-father, Tom, who only stuck around briefly and is now an artist in California who refuses to answer my emails. The third is my step-dad Ije. He is a really great guy who believes in Jesus but who also struggles with a drug addiction. He left one day and we haven't seen him since. He is a musician and ballroom dance instructor. He is also very tall and very black. My mom is very small and white. They made a fascinating couple. I wish he would get in touch with us.

2. The house I am living in now is the longest I have EVER lived in one home. We have lived in this house for almost 3 years. When I was growing up we moved at LEAST once per year. I never went to the same school for longer than 2 years. Why? My mom just liked to move.

3. I have trouble fitting in... to anywhere. I don't fit in at church. I don't fit in the community. I just don't fit in. And I am ok with that... most of the time.

4. I have vivid recurring unpleasant dreams... not quite nightmares but not enjoyable either. I don't know why. One such dream is where I am going somewhere and have to pack up a LOT of stuff and can't get it packed on time. It is very frustrating. Another one is where I am going to some sort of school-type place and I am supposed to be in a certain class and I can't find the classroom, can't find my locker, can't remember my schedule etc. etc. I hate that one.

5. I don't mind when my kids draw on the walls or the furniture or the floor. I also don't care if they jump on the beds or the couch. My husband REALLY cares. But I only make them stop because it means so much to him. He says that if we let them do it here they will think it is ok to do it everywhere. That may be. He is far more sensible than I am.

6. I don't like to drink milk. I think it tastes icky. Chocolate milk is good. Creamier beverages such as milk shakes are yummy. Plain milk... nope.

7. I have taken one year each of jazz dance, gymnastics, figure skating, piano, accordion, sewing, horseback riding, volleyball, basketball, track and field, ballroom dancing, drama, and art. Apparently I have a commitment issue when it comes to extra-curricular activities.

Like I said, I have far more than 7 weird things about me but that is enough for now!

I will tag Amanda, Jinny, Kelle, Young Mom In the Big World, In the Gutter, and Robyn.


Jinny and Colin said…
You're right, there are more than those 7 things that you could write about... ;)
love ya!
Bebemiqui said…
Hmm, you have such good ones...I hope I'm up to the weirdness challenge. :0)
Amanda said…
Thanks for tagging me...that was kinda fun.

As for the reading...he basically taught himself how to read. He's constantly asking questions about how to spell things etc. You should hear our dinner conversations. "Mom, does 'to' have more than one spelling?" "Dad, how do you spell 'right'?" "I don't like vowels because they have so many sounds." He just gets so stubborn and pretends he can't...but he can.
you know what I like about these? NOTHING. Just kidding, I like that I get to know more about the people and see how much we have in common.
I am going to do this a little later. Right now I am trying to prove I am not addicted to blogging (she says after checking her blog and messages at 7 am.)
Thanks for the tag and weird facts about you :-)...3 dads... wow, you have me beat.
Amy Strong said…
Hi Tara,

I related to several of your "weird things" items you shared. I also have a hard time fitting in, especially with women, it is something that I am working on because after 35 years of life I think that maybe the issue is with ME, not with THEM! =0)

I would like to introduce myself. I am a new WAHM and am excited to begin networking with moms and grandmothers who are juggling the many roles they have in life just as I am. I had a 15 year career as an accountant for a publicly traded company and I missed out on so many of the precious moments in the lives of my boys. In August of ’07 I finally took the step of faith and left my full-time employment so that I could have the time, energy, and flexibility to focus on the needs of my tween (age 12) and 1st grader (age 6).
I have built a website which focuses on the essentials of family living, hence the name ~ www.essentialfamilyliving.com. One of my favorite topics of discussion is Family Fun Night and I have dedicated much of my blog space to this subject.
I would love for you to view my site and blog then comment with any suggestions, advice, or encouragement. Thank you for the consideration.
Blessing on your day!
Tami said…
Hi Tara,
I liked this post and your blog. You are a good writer! I didn't know how else to reach you, but I wanted to tell you that you won the "Family Honor" series from my blog (Tree Swing Reading)! Can you please email me at tamireads(at)charter(dot)net with your address? I'll get it in the mail as soon as the temperature in Wis. gets warm enough to start my car! It's zero degrees! Anyway, congrats!
Qtpies7 said…
I have the nightmare about going to school and not know anything. I can't get my schedule, I don't know which locker and I don't know the combination, what class am I supposed to be in? Frustrating!
Colleen said…
I have that school dream, too. Once, in that dream, we had a big pillow fight in my English class and I hit my teacher in the head with a big pillow and he dropped dead. Someone analyze THAT dream! From pillow fights to murder. Yes.

I guess these things are weird in that they're unique to you. I've always thought you beautiful and refreshing, in part because you are unapologetic of who you are. I love that. ♡

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