Uncle Phil and Aunt Erica are visiting

Uncle Phil and Aunt Erica are visiting us from Saskatoon today. They stayed over last night and the boys were SO excited to have them here.

Here is Uncle Phil playing with the boys.And here is Aunt Erica bonding with Olivia.
And the happy as-of-yet-childless couple...
Olivia giving a toy to Uncle Phil.
Uncle Phil bonding with Olivia.
We are really enjoying their visit.

Aunt Erica helped me wrap presents last night while Doug and Phil watched some sort of sporting event on TV. Shadow tried to destroy the wrapping paper as we wrapped... crazy cat.

TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! YAHOOOO!!! It is also my 32nd birthday tomorrow.

32 is how old my mom was when she had me.

When I was younger 32 seemed very old. Now... not so much. It's all about perspective.

Yesterday at church we were given some gifts "to the Pastor and his family" from "the church family"... they were great. The boys and Doug got cool new t-shirts. Owen is especially pleased with his because it has a dinosaur on it. They also got some finger puppets of "the Pirates who don't do Anything" from Veggie Tales. Olivia got some super adorable clothes. Doug got a t-shirt and a new "cool" toque... which he looks pretty funny in. Perhaps I shall try and post a picture of it soon. And I got the best gift of all- a gift certificate to go clothes shopping!!! YAY!!! We have a wonderful church family and I have wonderful friends.

Right now Olivia is taking her nap and the boys went to play in the snow with Phil & Erica and Doug... the house is blissfully quiet.

I really love silence.

My goal for today is to take a shower and keep the house from looking like a bomb went off. I just REALLY want to wake up to a clean house tomorrow morning. There is just something so wrong about waking up to a messy house on your birthday.

Erica and Phil have both commented that they think the boys have grown-up a lot this past year. Especially Aiden. That is very encouraging to hear. I mean, I think so but I am biased and I see them every day. So to hear it from someone else, who doesn't see them all the time, is nice.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas Eve...

Oh how I love Christmas!


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