Supreme Dictator

On Sunday we had the kid's Christmas concert at church. It was very cute. My boys barely participated... Owen stood completely still without singing a single note for one whole song. Aiden stayed on the stage throwing "baby Jesus" up in the air but also not singing. It was actually pretty funny to watch. I was proud of them for participating at all.
My mom gave Olivia the cutest little Santa-type Christmas dress. She wore it on Sunday and I thought she looked adorable... as usual :)

Owen isn't feeling too well this week. He is rather whiny and has a stuffy nose still from his brutal cold last week. Sunday night he coughed so hard that he threw up all over his bed- and didn't even wake up. Poor kid. Asthma really sucks.
Olivia is feeling much better now though which I am grateful for. She is still pretty clingy but has stopped crying constantly now. Oh the wonders of prescription medications. I hope that she never gets another ear infection in her life!

After church we had to wait around for Doug to have a meeting. Owen spent a good portion of this time hiding under a table in the back of the sanctuary. I thought he looked very handsome in an outfit he picked out for himself from Wal-Mart (I love Wal-Mart). He even wore a little tie. He actually likes to get dressed up sometimes.
Olivia is walking so well now. And climbing. Lots of climbing.
Aiden hates getting dressed up. Everything "itches" him. Part of his sensory issues. So I try to find soft fabrics for him to wear. He was super mad at me for making him try this outfit on but I promised him it wouldn't itch. It is all cotton, no tags, etc. He finally tried it on after much stress and found it was actually comfy. Sheesh. But I was very proud of him for participating so well in the concert.

My husband gave me a beautiful outfit for my birthday and I wore it (a little early) on Sunday. I figured all the kids looked so cute I might as well try and look presentable. And then during the very last few minutes we were at church I managed to split a seam in my brand new pants. I really hate being fat.

Anyway, as soon as I got home I changed into my jammies because I was so distraught that I had broke my pants. Doug had wanted to try and get a couple nice pictures of us all in our fancy duds but he had to make do with me in jammies and the kids looking spiffed up.Today I have been trying to convince Owen to help me make the cards he insists I make for the kids in his class. I keep telling him that they are HIS friends so HE has to colour Sponge Bob or whatever in them. He is very stressed about this.

I told him we could skip the cards but he also is not ok with that idea.

Apparently he is trying out for the role of supreme dictator of the universe and doing a mighty fine job if I do say so myself.


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