Someone be proud of me.

I worked SO hard today.


I wrapped presents (not done yet though). I cleaned the ENTIRE main floor of my home- including the floors. I put away the six tonnes of clean laundry I had sitting in baskets in the hallway. I did several loads of new laundry. I picked up all the dirty clothes off everyones floor to restock my laundry room floor (wouldn't want to let the store of dirty clothes get too low... I might think I had free time). I vacuumed. I scrubbed. I cleaned my toilet. I disinfected the area around my toilet because my boys apparently lack the ability to AIM consistently. I even hand-washed 3 shirts.

I am completely and utterly exhausted.

My mom came over to watch the kids while I was on my whirlwind of cleaning. I never could have accomplished even a fraction of what I did if I had to watch the kids too.

I find it SO frustrating to try and clean whilst getting interrupted every fifteen seconds and having to do a million things at once. I am really not that good of a multi-tasker when it comes to cleaning.

I may not be able to move tomorrow morning. Every single part of my body is sore and tired. You'd think I had run a marathon or something. Which, if you know me at all, is as likely as the sky turning to silver and the snow turning an lovely shade of pink. Highly unlikely.

My only wish is that it would STAY clean for just a little while. Wouldn't that be lovely?


the Doug said…
I am proud of you. You are my world. Thanks for all you do.
Judy said…
Well, I'm proud of you. But I bet it means more coming from your husband!

I've had fun catching up on your blog.

I wish we were neighbors, but you live a bit farther north than Michigan. Heaven, maybe?
Here's a tip: LEAVE THE HOUSE. That's what I do when I want it to stay clean. I drag the kids out until they are exhausted (who cares if I am too?). Then I can wake up ONE morning out of 365 to a clean home... IF I wake up first.

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