Random Christmas Ramblings

So I brought Olivia for her one year shots a few days before Christmas. This was not the smartest move on my part. They told me that she MIGHT have a delayed reaction 5 - 10 days after the shots.

She is.

Wow. My poor daughter is miserable. And super clingy.

Fortunately it shouldn't last long. I hope.

There is no way I could possibly describe all the Christmas happenings at our house without boring you all to pieces so I shall just sum up:

*We are all very thankful for all the amazing stuff we got.
*Owen got cowboy boots and is thrilled with them.
*Aiden got a lot of lego and is very happy.
*Aiden and Owen alternate between playing very happily together and fighting like crazy. Which in turn drives me crazy.
*Olivia got a little people doll house which she is enjoying. But for the most part she really enjoyed the boxes the most.
*We got given several annoying loud toys that I hate. Thanks Grandma.
*Shadow spent a good portion of Christmas tearing apart wrapping paper and cardboard. Crazy cat.
*We were given some money and on boxing day we bought the boys bunk beds for $98! We have not put them together yet though. We are simply too exhausted.
*I was given a gift certificate for a clothing store and I bought lovely clothes that fit and I am very happy! But I will NEVER EVER EVER try to go clothing shopping for myself with my sons. EVER AGAIN.
*My house is a mess.
*We have lots of leftover food.
*We were given TONS of lovely things.
*I forgot a load of laundry in the washing machine on Christmas eve and when I found it yesterday it smelled like icky mold. Yummy.
*I talked to my friend Colleen on the phone on Christmas and it was a great relief to hear her sounding so upbeat after the tragedy she has endured this past year.

So all in all I would say it has been a lovely Christmas.

Now back to normal life.

My kids are loud.
Really loud.
And apparently incapable of being quiet.

Why? Why can't they just BE QUIET? Or play downstairs in the PLAY room where they could be as loud as they like without waking up their grumpy sister? Why?


Bebemiqui said…
I don't understand why not going to school makes kids crazy. Mine have been doing the same fight/play dance all week. I'm going to kill them!

Why is this different from summer. I don't understand :0)

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