Owen's Christmas Concert

Last night was my son Owen's pre-kindergarten Christmas concert. No matter how hard I tried I could NOT convince him to dress up so he was the only kid there in a dirty t-shirt and jeans. Oh well. He almost refused to go up on stage at all (he refused last year) but I was so proud of him- he went up on stage and stayed there the whole time. That was a HUGE deal for him. The poor child was so scared he literally messed his pants. Half the time he looked like he was going to burst out crying. But he didn't . I'm so proud of him.Owen is the boy in the back row with his head hanging down, beside the little girl in the pink dress. Notice all the other kids singing and doing actions? Not Owen. He didn't sing a single note the entire concert. But he did STAY on stage.

Aiden was a complete terror during the concert. He ran to the front and sat down at the feet of Mrs. Armstrong (in the off-white suit) because she was his teacher's assistant last year... and he adores her. But of course he couldn't sit still so I ended up sitting on the floor with him so he wouldn't distract the kids on stage.This is the whole class posing for pictures after the concert. There are only 3 girls in the class, now that Owen's friend Kylie has moved away. I think the teacher, Miss. Hauser (in the brown dress) is very brave to spend every day with all those boys!
Olivia was SO good- especially considering she got her 1 year old shots yesterday afternoon. She wandered around with Grandma following closely behind. She got a lot of smiles.

And here is my sweet Owen AFTER the concert was over. Oh he was so relieved to be off that stage!

His teacher took time to tell him she was proud of him and I really appreciated that. Encouragement does wonders!
After the concert was done Aiden put his neck-warmer on and pretended to be a ninja and ran around like a crazy kid... luckily several of the other kids were running around too so he had plenty of play-mates.All in all I think it went very well.


Steve-o said…
I just wanted to say that the picture of Owen on stage made me smile-that is what my son Rylan will look like at his concert! Bravo for staying on stage little buddy!!!

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