My kids are cool

My sweet baby girl Olivia is so miserable this week... she is teething, she has a cold, she just is not comfortable! But she is still adorable. My husband took this picture of her and I just love it. She has the most lovely smile and her dimples are just wonderful! I know I am biased but that is ok.I also think my son Owen has the most beautiful eyes. I mean really. The kid has incredible eyes. But WOW is he ever whiny this week. I mean seriously obnoxiously whiny. Occasionally I would just love to stick those beautiful eyes (along with that whiny mouth) into a snow bank. But I don't. Be proud of me. Yesterday Owen called another kid "poopy head" in his class. He got in trouble for that. He was most upset. When we got to his class this morning he immediately asked for the child who taught him those bad words. Once the child was found he pointed to him and said to me "Mommy, that is the boy who says poopy head". Gotta love kids.
And then there is Aiden. My incredibly sensitive Aiden. He can be so sweet to me and give me hugs and kisses and tell me he loves me. He also has incredible hair. Hair that is curly and blond and beautiful. It's truly a shame to cut it. But occassionally I would really like to hang him up by those precious curls. But I don't. Again, you should all be very proud of me.
Today Aiden got to go "shopping" for Christmas presents at school. The school had asked for donations a few weeks ago and they made a "Store" in the gym where the kids could buy gifts for 25 cents a piece for their families. Aiden got a Star Wars game for daddy (and for himself), a buzz lightyear toy for me (and himself), Sponge Bob squarepants for Owen, and a stuffed whale for Olivia, along with some assorted small toys that he told me he forgot who he got them for. I was actually pretty impressed. I thought he did very well for a 5 year old who thinks the world revolves around himself.


Amanda said…
I wish we lived closer too! The next time we go down to see my grandparents...we will definately take a detour to see you guys.

I AM proud of you...keeping your cool with the kids can be a challenge. You do have BEAUTIFUL children though!

We're going to Abbotsford for Christmas (Brian's family). We weren't planning to be there until the 17th or so, but Finn has an appt. in Edmonton on the 11th, so we figured we'd save ourselves 10hrs of driving and just go down from there. Brian has the time off and Will's teacher's not worried about him missing class...haha. We'll be leaving there on the 27th and Bri has to work on the 30th. Some bonuses of shiftwork. I feel like I never see him sometimes, but then he gets 21 days off. Sweet. I'm looking forward to the rain. I'll say hi to White Rock for you...hoping to get out there atleast once.

I always read your posts we're even.

Love you too!

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