The Long Walk to School

Each morning I walk one or both of my sons to school. We only live a couple blocks from the school. The walk should take about 4 minutes. But I have noticed that my boys can make this short walk last a VERY long time.

First we stop to look at the pretty frost on the trees.Then we have to climb up every pile of snow that we see. Owen will then chant "I'm the king of the castle and mommy's the dirty rascal".

Then we practice our balance.
Then we jump. We jump a lot.

Then we tromp through the "high" snow making as many footprints as possible.Oh look... we can SEE the schools doors... almost there...

Now we make more footprints in the "school snow" and spend some time looking at the trees.We avoid all the cleared sidewalks at all cost. We MUST walk in as much snow as possible.

And we arrive finally at the right side of the school. Of course we have to take one final look around outside at the snow covered play ground.And then mommy walks home by herself in the quiet again admiring the beautiful frost covered trees.

The walk home takes considerably less time.


Yellow said…
What beautiful pictures! It looks like a Christmas story book.
Caroline said…
I am so jealous...80 F here today. What I wouldn't give for that glorious walk in the morning...I'd be knocking him off so I could be king of the snow mountain:) I bet we'd never get to school if it was me leading them.
Bebemiqui said…
I'm wanting more snow to fall here!
Looks like contesting has reached your system too. Congrats on winning the toy @ 5 Minutes for Mom!
Tiffany said…
Good to hear from you! I had a computer meltdown and lost a lot of my info. I love these pics of the walk to school. that is winter. I am going to Minnesota for Christmas and am really excited. I'm so used to the Oklahoma weather I know I will be in shock for awhile.
I'm glad to have your blog info again:) Keep the fun reads and pics coming!

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