Laundry Helpers

Today I am attempting to get some of the laundry done. Attempting.

Here is Sweet Olivia "helping" me in the laundry room.And here is my darling boy Owen helping me fold. He was so cute and so proud of himself for being such a good helper.
With all these helpers I should get the laundry done sometime in the next... year or so... maybe.


Just Me said…
Hey Tara...don't know if this will help, but I actually did up a schedule for my laundry and it seemed to help get the stuff done, and I stayed on top of it. I had two loads a day figured out...and each day was specific\; our laundry, kids (each had their own day), towels and bedding. REally helped. I find that with five of us in the house again, that if I didn't make sure that laundry got done was like YEAST - took over my laundry room, the floor, and half the basement!! Anyways...I'll be praying for ya - yes, even laundry needs prayer!!
Tanya said…
LOL! Laundry seems to be a major problem with many moms. Myself included. I did two things that have made it much easier. I have laundry days, sort of like the previous poster...though my loads are not specific.
The other thing (this was huge!) was we downsized our amounts of clothing. We emptied all our children's closets and drawers and went through every piece of it. My girls had over 30 shirts each! *faints* Not to mention 10-15 pairs of pants, 10 pajamas, etc...(see a pattern LOL) We went down to 5 pajamas, 5 t-shirts, 5 pants, etc for each child. We took 7 garbage bags of clothing to our local charity. It was one of the best things we have ever done for keeping the clothes under control.
I hate putting laundry away still though. LOL If I had my way we'd all just have a laundry basket for our clothes. Dh doesn't agree :P
Happy Folding!
These were great tips so far. In addition to what's already been said, I have a sorter in my laundry room and the kids are responsible for getting their dirty garb AND putting it all in the appropriate bin. They're not always spot on, but it saves me LOADS of time. I also have a Rubbermaid container for each child with his name on it (not too big, it has to be carry-able) and as I fold, in his box it goes-- then HE's responsible for getting it out of my living areas. Kids love to help, and you need the break :-) Good luck and Happy New Year Tara!
Pickel said…
What good "heavy work"!

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