Internal Alarm clocks suck

Wow. 5 am is just TOO EARLY to get up.

My sons are natural early risers. Aiden has woken up around 6 am everyday for the past 4 years. I think maybe Owen would sleep in a bit more if it wasn't for the fact that he shares a room with Aiden. But I can't seem to convince Aiden to get up quietly ALONE and leave his shared room so as to avoid waking up his brother.

I have tried everything to get them to sleep in a little longer. Nothing so far has worked.

If I had a bucket of extra money sitting around I would buy one of those super cool
Sunrise Alarm Clocks or this amazingly cool clock for kids
that simulate a sunrise in your room- which you can program for whatever time you like! So basically I could make sunrise happen at the exact same time everyday all year long. Sunset too. I think it is brilliant. The one for kids has stars and stuff for nightime so they can use it for a night light as well. And you can slowly adjust your body's internal alarm (or your kids internal alarm) to wake up at a more appropriate time than 5 am!!!!

Tragically I don't have a bucket of money sitting around so I won't be able to get one any time soon. Sigh.

Why is it that the coolest things always cost so much money?

Besides, as far as I can tell the clocks for kids are only available in England. By the time they become available in Canada my sons will (hopefully) be able to tell time on their own and I will put a HUGE clock in their room and say to them "DO NOT WAKE ANYONE UP UNTIL AT LEAST 7 AM UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY". Unfortunately my son has no idea what 7 am is at this point. Especially since the sun doesn't rise here until around 9 am in the winter and 4 or 5 am in the summer.

This too shall pass.

Someday my sons will be able to reliably take care of themselves in the morning. Get their own breakfast, not fight with each other, not wreck stuff, not colour on the walls...

of course by then I should be getting up with Olivia.

I am telling the truth people. The first year Olivia is in school full time I am going to get everyone off to school and then GO BACK TO BED. Get up and have some lunch, watch some TV, TAKE A NAP, welcome everyone home from school refreshed and happy. Go to bed early. I won't have any time for a job. I will be too busy napping.

I have a lot of missed sleep to catch up on.


Bebemiqui said…
Melatonin has been a godsend for me. What sleep I get is better quality. My SIL has been using melatonin to help her 4 yr old sleep.
Amanda said…
5 am IS too early! That's all I can say about that.
Cindi said…
Have you tried just a regular alarm clock? You could set the alarm to music and tell them they aren't allowed to get out of bed until the music turns on. I've heard of this working really well for other people before their kids could tell time.
debrowns said…
Just wait to see what time they wake up next week for Christmas!

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