I'm so glad I am not in labour

One year ago today I was in labour with Olivia. I really can't believe how fast this past year went. My baby girl is almost one year old.

I am so very thankful for my daughter. She brightens my days. We named her Olivia Joy- Olivia means peace and Joy obviously means Joy. So peace and Joy.... she has truly lived up to her name.

Even when she is sick she is sweet.

I'm a lucky mommy.

This evening I bathed all three of my kids together - most of the time I bathe Olivia separately but Olivia was standing at the side of the tub trying to climb in with her brothers so I let her. Aiden adores Olivia. His main goal is to make her laugh. And oh how I love to see the two of them laughing together. Aiden is so sweet to Olivia. He doesn't really talk to her with words exactly, he makes a lot of faces at her, noises, actions, etc... she thinks he is hilarious. Aiden doesn't care if Olivia climbs on him or pulls his hair or holds onto his arm... he tries to be so gentle with her. It is just another example of how incredibly sensitive Aiden is. He has loved holding Olivia since the day she came home from the hospital.

Owen is often less inclined to hold Olivia and he is usually much less patient with her climbing on him or grabbing his hair/arms/legs etc. But tonight in the tub he joined in the fun that Aiden and Olivia were having. He was so cute trying to make faces at her to make her laugh. He was playing with this little plastic penguin and pretending it was kissing Olivia. It was fun to watch the three of them interact. Not a lot of discernible conversation but a whole lot of laughter!

My mom came over after work to play with the boys a bit and see us all briefly since Doug is at work tonight- youth group. My mom has been working a lot of hours this week so I have missed having her around.

And then as a very special treat my sweet friend Becky came over for a visit tonight. Oh how I needed that! My dear Becky is so very encouraging. I love her honesty and how real she is. We laugh together... we cry together.... she is a friend I cherish. She lets me be me.

So thank-you for being such a wonderful friend Becky. Thank-you for trying to help me navigate the waters of parenthood and small-town living and cultural differences! I really believe that you are a gift from God. You rock.

I am going to bed now. Tomorrow I will have a one year old. Wow.


Amanda said…
You're hilarious! I just read your story of Olivia from last year. Must say, I enjoyed it thoroughly!

My boys are the same way with Finleigh as yours are with Olivia.
Tricia Goyer said…
These are precious memories. Enjoy these years! Mine are 18, 15, and 13 now!!! Sigh.
Oh My Gosh, I enjoyed that so much (you know, the labor you DIDN'T enjoy). Thanks! And thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I was glad to find your blog (we have MUCH in common).

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