I would rather be showering

I have three sick kids... one is an especially fussy (but still very cute) almost one year old girl. I have no time to shower never mind blog. And I really haven't even begun to recover from this past week. I'm exhausted. But here are some pictures for you all to enjoy.

This is my cat Shadow climbing my fake Christmas tree. He also has managed to bat most of the ornaments off and onto the ground below. My sons have rearranged the rest so that most of the tree is bare and the top has about 20 ornaments on two branches. It is very pretty. I'm sure it will become the latest fad.This is my poor husband shovelling all the snow from our driveway this morning. There was really a lot of snow.
This is Olivia giving her puppy a kiss. She really loves that puppy.
She really is cute.
AND SHE CAN WALK! No problem. across a room, no holding on, even carrying things... like her beloved puppy. She's amazing. I realize I am biased but you'll have to trust me.
This is a video of her walking. From what I understand it takes a million years to upload so feel free to ignore it but if you have the time she really is fun to watch!


Jinny and Colin said…
Tara, she's soooo sweet. What a beautiful girl she is. She's lucky that she has two older brothers who will beat off the boys when she's older. :)
Judy said…
Oh! Too too cute!

I gasped when she fell. Didn't seem to bother HER a bit.
Amanda said…
Look at her!!! Walking, you must be so proud. It was so good to hear your voice too. I watched it a couple times just because it was fun. She's a pro already.

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