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Today has been an... um... interesting day. Yesterday we had our appointment in the city with the asthma specialist. He put Aiden, Owen and I all on stronger medications. Hopefully this will help reduce the sickness in our home.

We also did the last of our Christmas shopping and I am relieved to be done. Now all I have to do is wrap stuff... and keep it hidden for 12 more days.

We had supper with Doug's brother Phil and his wife Erica before we left the city which was nice. The boys were wired from being forced to spend the afternoon shopping. We drove home in a blizzard... which wasn't great. But we made it home safe and sound.

I went to bed immediately and ignored my house completely. Sometimes you just have to sleep.

SO I woke up to this...

My kitchen looked fabulous all covered in dirty dishes, old juice cups, and garbage. I know you are all jealous of my decorating and housekeeping skills.
My laundry room floor seems to be multiplying dirty clothes faster than I can clean them...
And my sons are both sick. Sweet hearts but sick. Aiden is on the mend but poor Owen woke up with a fever.
Miss. Olivia is, I think, starting to recover from her ear infection. But she is still VERY clingy and not totally herself. I spent a good portion of the morning rocking her to sleep and then I very gently laid her on the bed....

While she slept (briefly) I attempted to clean my house. I got through the living room and most of the kitchen before realizing it was a hopeless case.Olivia woke up and the boys started begging to make cookies... which I have been promising to do for days. So we made cookies.

Olivia did NOT enjoy making cookies. She also did NOT enjoy my turning my attention to her brothers.
Olivia spent her time following me around the kitchen grabbing onto my legs and crying. Fun.

Half way through the cookie making process the boys decided they were tired of making cookies and abandoned the kitchen to me.
SO I finished them off and unceremoniously baked them without even decorating them... all the while trying to calm Olivia.

And here are my three sick kiddos now.
And not to forget our LARGE kitten Shadow.
I guess he got tired of waiting for me to pay attention to him and decided to snuggle with a doll.
Olivia is crying... again. Perhaps I shall console myself with freshly baked shortbread cookies.


the Doug said…
I love you.
Bebemiqui said…
I'm very impressed by your quick cleaning skills!
Judy said…
Yup. That just 'screams' Christmas to me.

Been there, done that.

You will get through it.

I do have an eye that twitches uncontrolably from time to time, but other than that, I made it and by the grace of God, so will you!

And, you will look back on it with fondness and say 'where did the time go?'

Hug the kids alot.

And, just for the record, my house looked very similar to yours today.

I think your home looks like LOVE lives there.
Judy-- the eye twitch thing is very funny... and a little too true in my house.
Sick kids and Christmas. I wouldn't have it any other way (um, I mean, I usually DON'T have it any other way). Hang in there!!!!
How in the world did you have the time and energy to encourage me on my blog?!

Tara, you are funny and pretty amazing on the quick clean up. Now for me to do something with MY laundry room.
Tanya said…
Wow! That was a major quick clean. Life is so tough when the babies are sick. HUGS! Praying they are all feeling better soon.

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