There are certain things that I assume. Wrongly.

I assume that when my daughter pukes all over me and most of the living room that I can rely on a certain other grown-up that I live with to instinctively KNOW what needs to be done. I will clean the baby up. I will clean myself up. I will calm the screaming infant down. I will change the child into new, non-puked on clothing. I will change the child's diaper. I will rock the screaming, puking infant to sleep.

I assumed... wrongly... that SOMEONE would wipe up the puke on the floor.


Apparently SOMEONE decided to throw some tea towels over the puke on the carpet and "let it dry out".

It would seem that I am the only one in my household who knows that DRIED ON puke is a million times harder to clean out of already compromised carpet than it would be to simply wipe clean while it is still "fresh".

So gross.


el Maggie said…
Ha ha - I just read your blog and then got your message. Baby puke sucks too!
Aarrrggghhh...why did He make guys and gals so completely different? He must get a kick out of us!

And thank you for your prayers for Pamela. She really needs Him right now.
We are mirroring each other's lives! I am so sorry you have a sick baby and I am gagging right there with you. Times like these (and when we find poo in odd places), my husband and I will look at each other and sing "Hallelujah!" It helps break the despair (we also chant, "eternal perspective..." regularly).
Happy Christmas Tara, to you and your precious family.
the Doug said…
How come this post gets three comments and the one with the pretty pictures of me and the baby gets none?

I mean really? I was just trying to show the world I'm not perfect! Ok... I'll leave now, with my ego crushed. ;-)
Jinny and Colin said…
Naughty Doug! Naughty, naughty, naughty Doug! Trying to show the world you're not perfect huh? We weren't assuming that you were. :) Ooo, burn. Love you buddy.
Judy said…
Obviously, the man does not believe in the doctrine of 'good works' as the way to Heaven!

High marks for that. But, as to jewels in his crown...hmmm. The puke-cleaning daddy's will be the ones that shine!


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